Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moving Train...

Rogue was bewildered, but only for a moment. Her confusion immediately warped into alarm as Remy, accomplished with opening the window, proceeded to climb right through it. 
"Is there a problem?" She suddenly asked, as Remy's head moved to the other side of the window. "Yah know if yah wanted attention, yah could've just shook me awake." 
"Y', y', y'. Why does everythin' always have t' revolve around y'?" He was completely on the other side now, scowling at her. "So are YOU coming or not?" 
"Comin'?" She was puzzled. "Yah mean out there?" 
"Don't judge de situation, darling, just because dis isn't de recommended way to travel." He suddenly appeared thoughtful. "I mean, it's only a movin' train…"
Part Three, Chapter 6.1 

Monday, April 22, 2013